Saturday 5 August 2023

For Married Couples : Mistakes You Should Avoid After Sex

According to Healthline", If you want to enjoy copulation until your 40s and beyond, make sure you avoid these mistakes during intercourse. Below are two mistakes you should avoid after intercourse.

Ignoring pain

The moaning that occurs during and after coitus is not always about pleasure. It can usually be reduced by abdominal breathing. Pain during and after copulation, on the other hand, can be caused by sexually transmitted infections, vaginismus, orgasm, endometriosis, deep penetration, fibroids, or emotional trauma. If the pain persists and becomes unbearable, it's worth seeking medical advice.

Not cleaning your vagina


Keep in mind that your vagina is self-cleaning. So, don't douche or clean it with chemical-based soaps, as this can increase the risk of infection. Simply, wipe from front to back post-intercourse to maintain the pH balance of the vagina. This will also reduce the likelihood of infection. 

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