Thursday 31 August 2023

How Someone Cast A Spell Of Death On Me As A Child


This is a true story of my life. Read this story to end, it could be the most important information you’ll ever get with regards to protecting your child.

No individual ever remembers what happened to him or her in their baby or toddler days, we only get the information from parents, older siblings, neighbors or just about anyone who happened to be there at that time. It was the same with me.

One of the earliest events of my childhood that I can recall was that one particular lady that lived within the neighborhood called me, ‘Anya tititi’, anytime she was passing by and sees me.

I later realized that she was jokingly making jest of an eye condition I had at that time called Strabismus or misaligned eyes. My eyes were later to align perfectly as I got older. 

When I became older to comprehend wholly, my parents told me how much I got so sick.

According to my mother, I was so sick that even the doctors could not detect what was wrong with me. I was taken to several hospitals, several tests, no result. It was this sickness that caused the strabismus then.

My mother went further to tell me that at a point after trying several hospitals with no headway, they got tired of carrying me around, tiredness of not knowing what next to do.

She said they’ll just lay me on the bed the whole day, I won’t move and the only way they’ll know that I’m still alive is that they’ll call my name, ‘Chukwuemeka’, and I’ll answer ‘huh’.

The ‘huh’ sound from me was the confirmation they needed to have that I was still alive. I was meant to understand that this was my condition for a long time.

It is important to note that this was not as a result of lack of nutrition because I was rightly told by my parents and an Aunt who babysat me, that of all my siblings, I consumed the most quality and quantity of pricey baby foods as a way to hopefully get me out of that situation.

But as God would have it, and after a long time spanning to months and few years, I began to snap out of that condition with no medication or special attention, and here am I today, a full grown man with complete functionalities. To God be the Glory.

Till this day, even as I write this, my mother and father (of blessed memory), cannot explain all that transpired – the cause, the state and the rejuvenation.

All I have myself are stories related to me; stories enough for me to acknowledge that I was preserved by God, and I still am.
But yesterday, the answer to that mystery seems to have arrived.

Apparently, I have never prayed to God to demand an answer on what happened during that period but he was benevolent enough to reveal it for my use, and also for you reading this. It could be the only reason why I am writing this.

Yesterday, my wife called a man of God she has known even before I met her.

This means I only got to know this man after I knew my wife, and I had not related this story to either of them.

I noticed she was on the phone which is normal for anyone with a mobile phone.

When she dropped the call, she came to me to say that in the course of their conversation, the man of God mentioned that when I was a child, I was so sick that everyone thought I was going to die, that she should confirm this from me.

The man said but for GOD’S MERCY, I would have died as a child and there was nothing anyone could have done to get me out of it. It feels surreal as I write this. All I can say is thank God for preserving me.

Well I confirmed to my wife that it was true.

But why was I that sick?

I didn’t know that till yesterday. And for someone like me who believes in the deep spirituality and mystery of life, I had never thought about it.

The man told my wife that when I was born, I was perfectly fine until someone came for new baby salutation.

In the part of Africa where I come from, when a woman gives birth, friends, family, neighbors and well wishers visit to congratulate the woman and husband on the arrival of the baby. Some bring gifts if they choose.

This particular person may have brought gift but he or she had a different agenda. This person touched me and cast a sick spell on me: a spell that was intended to kill me as a baby. Yes, that was why this person visited.

The world is deep, deeper than you’ll ever realize. The man of God mentioned a specific reason why this person wanted me dead as an innocent child but I will not say it because it is not for the purpose of this write up.

But like every other evil, this reason is borne out of jealousy, envy, greed and sheer wickedness.

I have a good heart, my parents have a good heart. You have a good and so do your parents but can you say that about your neighbor, friends, family, relatives or well wishers? No you can’t, unless proven.

The best form of protection you can give to your children is spiritual protection – through prayers, intercessions, sacrifices and sound admonition.

Due to the knit and communal culture of family in Africa, it may look weird to shut out your children from family.

But they must be protected from both within the family and outside the family.

Again, don’t just let anyone touch your child, especially when they are still babies. Even medical doctors advise against it.

Pray for your kids before they step out of the house and before you receive visitors – whether family or not.

This is not going about suspecting everyone and living in fear, it is about you being a parent, a protector.

Ask God to build a hedge of protection over them, He will. A lot of kids and young people are behaving strangely not because of bad training or as a result of their parents’ sins but because of an evil spell cast upon them by misguided people, either by touch or by word of mouth.

It’s a wicked world; a world where a lot goes on spiritually than it goes physically.

It is a world where every physical event is a manifestation of a concluded spiritual event. Let your children know this.

A lot of people die mysteriously, these include kids, the young and the old. But God saved me out of pure mercy and love. I mean, I was just a harmless baby. I knew next to nothing, I had hurt no one but someone wanted me dead.

You don’t need to hurt anyone before they’ll want you dead. Know this and be wise.

Summarily, I want to thank God for saving me, for preserving me and for this, I’ll remain eternally grateful.

Protect yourself and your children. Give more consideration to the spiritual aspect of this protection because you won’t always be there with your kids.

Execute the physical aspect of it as much as you are capable and leave the rest for God.

As for this person who wanted me dead as a baby, I don’t even know you and the man of God said you are dead.

If you were alive, I would have visited you to know exactly what was going through your mind. May God judge you according to your deeds.
Those who want us dead for no justifiable reason will see us shine and still die before us. Amen

Emeka Stanley

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