Saturday 5 August 2023

Nigerians React to Old Video of Asake Working as an Actor (WATCH)

 An old video featuring Nigerian singer Asake, who is renowned for his association with the YBNL record label, has recently emerged online, igniting a wave of intrigue and conversations across various social media platforms.

The video showcases an unrecognizable Asake, sporting a distinct appearance that sharply contrasts with his current well-known persona.

In the video footage, Asake can be seen with a markedly different look compared to his present-day image.

His hair is cut short, and his facial features appear to be more rounded.

Despite the noticeable differences, a significant number of viewers have affirmed their belief that the individual in the video is indeed the talented artist.

The rediscovered video has triggered a vibrant exchange of opinions on the internet.

Admirers of Asake have praised his journey and dedication, highlighting his relentless efforts in pursuing his artistic aspirations. 

A common sentiment echoed online has been “The hustle is real,” acknowledging the artist’s path from a lesser-known position to his current prominence.

Netizens Reactions…

@notification_nn: “The hustle is real.”

@cheryve: “This guy can’t be Asake, maybe he’s Aduke.”

@joademak: “If Asake start to dey talk now, evidence dey ooo.”

@Bluekkey: “Now I get, people don’t just blow all of a sudden. Behind every success is hard work, perseverance and that Luck like TOE said.”

@isaac_dami1: “Oomo one day the RIGHT hustle will PAY WELL”

Watch Video Here

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