Saturday 2 September 2023

Imprisoned Dani Alves Pens Love Letter To Estranged Wife Ahead Of His Rape Case

 As Dani Alves awaits his fate in a sexual assault case, the Brazilian footballer who is currently in jail reportedly sent a romantic message to his estranged wife who weeks ago, declared her intentions to divorce the former Barcelona defender.

Dani Alves remains in prison and is currently awaiting trial over allegations that he raped a 23-year-old woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona in late December 2022.

The Brazilian footballer has been in temporary detention since January 20. 

Alves has also seen his appeals for his release on bail denied by the Barcelona court after giving a statement before the judge, who understood that there was a risk of flight and ordered his internment.

However, since Alves’ arrest his marriage with Joana Sanz has continued to make the headlines as the 29-year-old Tenerife model had publicly denied and also admitted her intention to divorce the former Barcelona, PSG, and Juventus defender.

Dani Alves reportedly pens love note to estranged wife Joana Sanz amid plans to divorce him

During Dani Alves’ first days, he had the unconditional support of Joana Sanz, but as weeks turned to months, the model was seemingly distancing herself from the footballer until she publicly confirmed that she was going to divorce the Brazilian.

Despite initially denying the reports, Sanz later revealed through her social networks that she had begun the process to divorce her imprisoned husband, although, Alves was reportedly refusing to sign the papers.

However Dani Alves has returned to write a love letter for Joana and this was shared on her Instagram profile along with a few words from popular Carribean singer Rauw Alejandro, specifically the song that the Puerto Rican recently dedicated to Spanish popstar RosalĂ­a after their breakup.

Though Joana Sanz did not reveals that the letter was from Alves, but there have already been comparisons in Brazil between the latest letter and the letter that the player wrote last March and with the text that Joana shared to announce their separation and there is no doubt that it is written by the former player of Seville and Barcelona, among others.

As translated by AS Tikitakas, the letter reads:

"I learned in all this madness that two is better than one... When one falls the other lifts him, when he is cold the other warms him. That's us.

"Thank you for your endurance, thank you for your resilience, thank you for not giving up on me. I always said that you were what I always dreamed of, but now I say that you are more than I could dream of," the text continues.

"I know you don't like solitude and I know how hard it is for you all that, but everything will pass and we will become stronger together. It's amazing that I still have when I go to see you, it's amazing that I feel so much love for you after so long... But even more incredible is knowing that you are there to reciprocate all that. Whatever, wherever, whatever, but always with you. I love you forever," concludes Dani Alves' letter.

Source: Pulse Sports Nigeria

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