Sunday 3 September 2023

“She was sent from the kingdom of darkness” – Reactions as Woman is caught picking used diapers.


A Nigeirian Man identified as Omofuophu Edoyise, has taken to his Facebook page to share a photo of a lady who was allegedly caught picking used baby diapers.

Sharing the image, he wrote ;

‘’Men ought not to sleep but pray. The times are evil, faithful men are working tirelessly to make ends meet but the evil ones are also working tirelessly to bring men down,”

“The bible says in Matt.13:25. That, while men slept, his enemies came and sowed tares and went away. If not for the love and mercy of God, we would have not see this day.

 “The woman you are seeing was caught this morning in back of Setraco picking already used babies pampers, she made an open confession that she was sent from the kingdom of darkness (COVEN) to bring children pampers, clothes and others, she also said that she should pick these things from eight compounds and she had succeeded in picking from seven compounds and was caught in the eight compound. MANY DAYS FOR THE THIEF AND ONE DAY FOR THE OWNER”

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