Friday 13 October 2023

“I could have dealt with Davido’s father if I wanted to”- Anita Brown spills her affair with Nigeria’s past presidents


Davido’s alleged pregnant side chick, a US-based model, reportedly boasted about punching his father.

If she had wanted to, the swimwear businesswoman could have dealt with Davido’s father, David Adedeji Adeleke.

She stated this when speaking about the many men she had bedded, including past Nigerian presidents.

Anita stated that many people believe she became pregnant to get clout or recognition for Davido, but they are mistaken because she is completely endowed.

“I know David is top dog in y’all country. But I’ve had my way with MANY men in AMERICA AND NIGERIA. I’ve dealt with past presidents of y’all little country! I could have dealt with his pops if I wanted to! Let’s be clear!! Y’all gotta relax! Y’all are so pathetic. Lmaooo. Y’all make it seem like I did this to gain some major shit from David socially.

Go sit down! Hush up already. We are drained. We don’t care. I know y’all don’t have many millionaires and billionaires but relax!

See some comments below,

One Genda Libra Official wrote, “I don’t blame her. I blame her plastic surgeon and Davido’s wandering mtchewwwwww

One Moyo These Shawty wrote, “Delusion at its all-time high because I’m so tired of this woman at this point

One Kharma wrote, “Na David I blame for all this nonsense and disrespect. I no blame her

One Aduke wrote, “Call Anita ooo tell her make she con dey go far away ntor. Anita rest

One Kai Steph wrote, “Anita at this point you can start the “I am the pest trend

One Mr Coward wrote, “Na this girl and @symply_tacha fit each other. People go just wake up start to quarrel with their selves unwarranted”.

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