Saturday 23 December 2023

At 36, I Still Stay With My Parents And I Feel Not bad about it.


Don't let peer pressure tension you.

I am 36 entering 37 few month from now and I still live with my mother.
My dad is late and my mum is aged, I see no reason going to rent an apartment when the one I am living can easily be mine.
I just need to refurbished it and I am good with my wives and kids.

I know some negative people will come to catch me witch saying I am for the death of my parents and so my kids Will wished for me too when I am aged.

That's where you are wrong no one is praying for anyone's death.
It's contentment.
I am planning on taking my relationship life serious and bring an offspring next year. Just a mini introduction my fiancee family that should do till we are ready to tie the knot.

Happy new year in advance.

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