Saturday 23 December 2023

“She really enjoyed the stew” – Husband embarrassed after he discovered that his pregnant wife went to eat at their neighbors


A video which was shared online by @queen_modest93 has generated different reactions and relatable comments from Internet users.

The clip recorded a pregnant wife coming out from her neighbors apartment after consuming a stew delicacy.

The man behind the camera, who happened to be her husband questioned the lady several times about where she had been.

While trying to explain herself, he discovered a drop of stew on her bulge tummy, which made him question her about what she ate at their neighbors place.

She informed him that the neighbor whom she ate at her place is a new friend, which prompted him to ask her when they started speaking.

According to him, the neighbor she ate from this time, is different from the one she ate from the other day.

Internet users have taken to the comment section to share their opinion about the video.

Below are some of the comments;

@iamsheila_: It’s her skin glow for me, even with the pregnancy she fineeee

@cherish_ebosereme_: Na innocent baby she go blame now, she’s so pretty.

@iamgoldextenzions: Awww the way she said na my friend, I felt it cause cravings are talking.

@twinnetp: Pregnant women can eat anywhere and anything, baba free her.

@mike_adejumobi: Allow her enjoy in peace. Ogba add iru for everything next time. She looks good even in pregnancy, safe delivery.

Watch the video below,

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