Saturday 23 December 2023

Shocking Video Showing A Doctor Punching 82-Year-Old Patient During Eye Surgery Goes Viral (WATCH)


A shocking video has surfaced, capturing the disturbing moment a Chinese doctor allegedly punched an 82-year-old patient in the face multiple times during eye surgery.

The incident, which occurred in 2019 but recently went viral on Chinese social media, has sparked widespread outrage and led to immediate investigations by hospital authorities.

According to reports from Mail Online, the incident unfolded at a hospital affiliated with Aier China in Guigang, a city in southwestern China.

The patient, an elderly woman, was undergoing surgery under local anesthesia when she reportedly exhibited movement that disrupted the procedure.


The hospital group claimed that due to the patient’s alleged continuous movement and her inability to understand Mandarin, the surgeon resorted to rough treatment in what was described as an emergency situation.

The distressing video shows the doctor striking the patient in the face three times.

Authorities have confirmed that the patient sustained bruises on her forehead as a result of the alleged assault.

The incident has raised concerns about patient safety and proper communication protocols within medical institutions.

Following the public outcry, the hospital management issued an apology and compensated the patient with 500 yuan (approximately £55).

However, the patient’s son revealed that his mother has been left blind in her left eye, although it remains unclear if this is directly linked to the incident.

Aier China, the hospital’s parent company, has taken swift action, dismissing the CEO of the facility and suspending the surgeon who performed the operation.


Watch the video below:

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