Friday 8 December 2023

Tech Entrepreneur Charles Awuzie Criticizes Francis Van-Lare For Sharing List Of Women He Allegedly Slɘpt With Since 1970


South African-based Nigerian tech entrepreneur, Charles Awuzie, has responded to Nigerian-American businessman Francis Van-Lare’s recent release of a list containing the names of women he claims to have slept with since 1970.


Van-Lare had previously announced his intention to compile the names of all the women he had been involved with over the past five decades.

In response to the third batch of names released by Van-Lare, he urged him to consider the privacy code of intimacy and remove the full names from the list.

He expressed concern for one individual whose name he recognized, stating that it would be unfair to her if the claim was true.

he further questioned the authenticity of the names, pondering whether they were fictional or coincidental.

He also suggested that if Van-Lare insisted on disclosing the names, it would be more respectful to use only first names or nicknames, as including surnames breaches the privacy of the individuals involved.



The tech entrepreneur emphasized the importance of considering the damaging impact on the reputation and privacy of the women named, even if the accuracy of the information is in doubt.

As discussions surrounding the list continue, it as garnered much buzz online, with online users contributing to the debate surrounding the release of the list.

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