Saturday 9 December 2023

“When you need them, you can’t get them” – Rita Edochie sparks controversy with comparison of pastors and politicians


Popular actress Rita Edochie has drawn an interesting comparison between pastors and politicians, speaking on the similarities she perceives between the two groups.


In a recent post, she pointed out a common trait shared by pastors and politicians, suggesting that when individuals need their assistance, they are often difficult to reach, but when they require support, they expect immediate attention.

Taking to her Instagram account,  she expressed her thoughts, stating:

“Pastors are like politicians. When you need them, you can’t get them, but when they need you, you answer them. No be juju?”

This statement has sparked discussions and debates online, with many raising questions about the availability and accessibility of both pastors and politicians when it comes to serving the needs of the public.

And some claiming that not all pastors or politicians exhibit the same behavior, leaning on the fact that there are some dedicated individuals in both professions who selflessly serve their communities and are readily available to offer assistance.

her post on comparison between this two figures as created much buzz online, While the statement may be seen as a generalization, Netizens online agree with her on the similarity between these two influential figures in society.

As the discussions continue online, it encourages critical thinking and urges individuals to consider the obligations of leaders in various sectors.

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