Monday 29 January 2024

Seun Kuti blames the Nigerian Police for the rise of Kidnapping


In a startling revelation, popular singer Seun Kuti stated that the Nigerian Police are always complicit in any major kidnapping ring.

The singer disclosed how he learned that the Nigerian Police are complicit in kidnapping in a recently viral video.

He recalled being detained and placed in cell one, which is reserved for severe criminals, rather than cell two, which is where celebrities are typically kept.

He learned in cell one that the police are involved in every abduction organisation in Nigeria, primarily as the ringleader.

The Grammy-nominated musician mentioned that the police have abducted the majority of Nigerians.

He described kidnapping as being seized against one’s will and asking to be freed in exchange for money. 

Many Netizens concurred to Seun Kuti’s claim.

Check out some reactions below

Switchild wrote:

“No lies here! I lady tweeted how her father was kidnapped and Nigerian police told her to go and pay the ransom!”

Festus Humble stated:

“Pure fact, na dem dey use uniform dey arrange operation for kidnappers”

Dr COS noted:

“As odd as it may sound, everything he said is true. Our institutions are extremely corrupt and anti-people.”


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