Sunday 21 January 2024

“Should we tell him the truth or we should wait” – Reaction as man tattoos his wife’s face on his arm

 A young man has sparked different reactions online after he tattooed his wife’s face on his arm.

The young man who chose to show his wife some love by getting a tattoo of her face was excited to see the final result.

A video that was shared by the tattoo artist on TikTok captured the unveiling of the body art, as his wife’s face sat beautifully on his arm.

The man’s way of showing love to his partner appears to be a problem for internet users, as they took to the comment section to bash him for his actions.

In their opinion, the wife can decide to end things with him at any time, which would leave him heartbroken and lonely, while others reminded him to always ‘fear women’.

Below are some of the reactions,

@Tanko Ba:  Eiiii this guy what if she breaks your heart

@Aisha:  Is only your mother you can draw there because she will not break your heart.

@Ben-Jammie:  We just lost a brother

@Hopsin Ray theBarber:  I’m sure they have done blood covenant cos Eei

@Spikeson: Hmmnn God please forgive him, he doesn’t know what he is doing

@Davi Elorm:  I know it is a temporary something hehehe Dey play

@Sheila Love:  Which kind love spell the girl use on you… please let her show me the way

Watch the video below,

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