Sunday 18 February 2024

Hardship: ‘Stop cursing Tinubu’ – Omokri reveals how Nigerians caused high dollar rate


Reno Omokri, a sociopolitical activist, on Sunday cautioned Nigerians against heaping curses on President Bola Tinubu over the hardship and high dollar rate in the country.

Omokri said Nigerians’ preference of foreign products against locally made goods contributed to the hardship in the country.

He said the exchange rate of the US dollar will not drop until Nigerians opt for locally made products.

Posting on X, Omokri wrote: “You come on the Internet with MTN. You are wearing a $250 human hair wig that was sacrificed in an Indian temple and then shipped to Nigeria as ‘Brazilian’ hair, your clothes come from Italy, your shoes from Spain, and you had Quaker oats from England for breakfast, with eggs from South Africa, which you ate while watching DSTV also from South Africa, and you are heaping curses on Bola Tinubu over the state of the Naira?

“You are the problem with the Naira. You, with your MTN data. High Dollar kpa e mbe! If you are not producing locally or consuming locally and you come to social media to complain, then you don’t yet understand that the Naira has been floated. If you like throw tantrums from now until 2027, the dollar will not come down until you start consuming made-in-Nigeria goods and services. 

“If your money is not circulating in made-in-Nigital goods and services, no power on Earth can make your Naira circulate with higher purchasing power. This is about economics. This is not propaganda. Drive with Innoson, Call with Glo, Build with Dangote, Eat with Nasco.”

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