Tuesday 27 February 2024

“I mistakenly credited N400k to his account” – Nigerian man says in disbelief after a fan divided his money


A Nigerian man shares how he mistakenly sent the wrong sum of money to a fan who came to seek for monetary favour in his direct message.

Sharing on the microblogging platform, X, the man identified as @LawrenceOkoroPG stated the fan came to direct message to seek a favour of the sum of hundred thousand naira.

He explained that he can only give forty thousand naira, then the fan excitedly sent his account details.


He wrote,

“Some time last year, someone came to my DM to seek a favour of N100k. I told him I can only give N40k from the N100k. He was excited. He sent his account details and I mistakenly credited N400k. He told me to send my account for refund of the excess, I did and he refunded N300k. He sent an epistle to explain how he urgently needs the 100k. I was lost in disbelief”.

However, he mistakenly sent the sum of four hundred thousand naira and requested the fan to refund the excess amount he sent instead he refunded three hundred thousand naira.

His experience has sparked reactions online with

@ble_ssing_sunday Ngl he tried cos some humans would have blocked u and ate the 400

@poshest_hope That’s why I always use toothpick to count my zeros before making any transfer . Ahh 😂

@i_am_sa_m You should be grateful he sent back the 300k. Some greedy people will tell you they didn’t even see the money and you go visit bank tire

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