Friday 29 March 2024

Police And DSS Clash In Stadium Altercation (video)

 In a dramatic and tense confrontation that has captured the attention of social media users, a Nigerian police officer and a Department of State Services (DSS) official were caught in a heated altercation at a venue resembling a stadium. The incident, shrouded in mystery over its cause, quickly escalated as the crowd voiced their support for the police officer, demanding the DSS official leave the premises.

The exact location and circumstances leading to the altercation remain unclear, but videos circulating widely on social media platforms captured the intensity of the clash, with the crowd's chants in favor of the police officer echoing through the venue.

The video footage showed the two officials in a heated exchange, surrounded by crowd of onlookers. As the situation intensified, individuals in the crowd could be heard shouting at the DSS official, urging him to vacate the area.  
The support for the police officer seemed unanimous among those present, with many expressing their frustration and anger towards the DSS official.

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