Friday 5 April 2024

American Rapper Trippie Redd: DNA Test Confirms He's Not The Child's Father


American popular rapper Trippie Redd shocks everyone as he reveals he is not the father of the child he thought he had with his girlfriend, after a DNA test.

Trippie Redd has revealed that he isn't actually the father of the child he thought he was, following a DNA test. While Speaking with DDG about being a parent, he opened up that he did a DNA test and explained that he doesn't have any kids after all. Meanwhile, Trippie had announced that he welcomed a son back in November but to the shock of fans, he revealed he is not a father yet.

He reveals that he did 2 DNA tests after his mum told him to, and they were both negative. He discloses that all the things he was going through then really messed him up and that was why he couldn't go for any tour or do shows, saying it was a lot of confusion for him.  

This has stirred up lots of conversation online as many expressed their sympathy for Trippie Redd and seriously condemned the unfaithfulness of his so-called girlfriend. Well, I think it is better he discovered early enough and thank to his mother who requested the DNA test.

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