Saturday 13 April 2024

Husband Caught His Politician Wife In Bed With Their Adopted Son (Pictures)


Moment husband catches his politician wife, 45, in bed with their adopted Buddhist monk SON, 24 in scandal that has rocked Thailand

This is the moment a husband catches his politician wife in bed with their adopted Buddhist monk son in a scandal that has rocked Thailand.

Footage shows the moment the suspicious businessman surprised the lovers while they were romping in the marital bedroom at their home in Sukhothai, Thailand.

Bursting in on the couple, the 64-year-old is seen barging into the bedroom and pulling off the bedsheets to reveal his naked Democrat Party wife Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, 45, alongside naked monk Phra Maha.

As the shocked lovers scramble to get out of bed, the fuming husband named only as Ti is heard snarling: 'Are you two very happy?' 

Shamed Choeiwadkoh later told local media: 'We didn't have sex then. Nothing happened, it's not what it looks like in the video. He had some problems, so we were just talking together, and then we were going to shower.

Husband Ti said he had been suspicious of his wife's and had decided to drive the 5.5 hours from Bangkok to Sukhothai to catch her in the act.

He added that he blamed the monk for 'seducing his wife'.

The wealthy property developer said that last year, his wife told him she felt sorry for the monk and asked if they could 'adopt' him.

Jilted Ti said: 'My wife has always been very religious. We even met at the local temple. But recently I noticed that she was spending more time with the young monks.

'I even saw her go into a monk's cabin when the curtains were closed. I knocked on the door for a long time but nobody answered.

'When she came out I was suspicious, but she said she had been praying with the monk.

'With regards to this boy, I think that he tricked my wife and seduced her. She told me last year that she felt sorry for him, so we decided to adopt him as our own son.

'I came home early when she didn't answer her phone. I suspected something was wrong.

'I was so angry when I found them together, I feel so betrayed. I had brought her gold and given her many gifts.'

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