Saturday 27 April 2024

Netizens applaud lady who made a school bag out of Dangote salt sachet (VIDEO)


A Nigerian lady who identifies as @adejokelasisiweaver  has been applauded by Netizens after she shared a video of herself showcasing her talent.

The skillful lady was captured in the video she shared on her Instagram page weaving several Dangote salt sachets into a bag.



The lady who is a master at what she does, had shared the video as a campaign for recycling and climate change.

The clip captured the entire process the Dangote salt waste sachets went through before it was turned into a bag.

According to several other videos on her page, it was not the first time she turned a waste product into something useful.

This led to the majority flooding her comment section with heartwarming reactions and applause.

Below are some of the comments,

@holuwaconquer:  And someone once said Naija youths are lazy what were they even thinking, This is impressive , creativity and idea into a product

@holuwakheringtonz:  Reuse , reduce , recycle ♻️ . Saving the planet. This is so impressive 

@dompohs_mpire:  Recycling ♻️ is one of best way to beat plastic pollution 👏

@lambo_24_villa:  This is what a content creator embraces. FG should look into this.

@deltabass:  Not entirely recycle material but very creative. This is talent

@iam_cocoblack:  This is the kind of content that should go viral 👏


Watch the video below:


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