Saturday 13 April 2024

“Women too get pepper body”—Reactions as husbands prank their wives by wearing lady’s outfit in their home


A funny prank video on TikTok has tickled the ribs of many netizens, causing them to laugh uncontrollably.

Husbands staged being a side chick by wearing female clothes and wigs to elicit reactions from their unsuspecting wives.


These wives on getting home are met with the back view of a ‘female’ supposedly a side chick and they wasted no time in going kung-fu style at the intruder of the sanctity of their home.

They hit and beat up their husbands before realizing it is them and that they were just being fooled.

The climax part is so hilarious to watch and many users commented,

@kiya: The fact that all of the women did no talking is scary😂

@Kimberly Baiyo: bro that’s funny but, think if the wife had a weapon with in her hand,.. it would be a sad moment

999HEATWAVE: why they always go for the hair 🤔

@Solari: but come to think of it, how can you just see a girl in your man’s house and you put up a fight

@Bim Toke: Territory protection! 😃😁😁! That’s nice ! I like that.

@Distrust em all!: I would never try this with my girl😩😩

@gibsonm14: Women have a quick judgement try this otherwise you will at icu in the next minute

Watch the video below,

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