Saturday 11 May 2024

“Having mood swings during period is demon!c, marry a peaceful woman” – Pastor Lazarus gives his take on the woman anatomy


Apostle Femi Lazarus has dared to take a snipe at the female gender in his recent online teaching which is currently circulating the internet.

He in the video was seen addressing men to be wary of women who hide under the guise of seeing their monthly flow to behave badly.

This he had called demonic, meaning it is unnatural and influenced by the devil. He went ahead to cite examples of women in the Bible who were supposedly peaceful and submissive to their husbands.

Pastor Lazarus’ advice to men to marry peaceful women was left not unopposed by women who expressed their displeasure over the comment the pastor made against them.

Read some of the comments below,

@Precious Kohas Nzubechukwu: Mood swing during menstrual flow doesn’t mean someone is not peaceful… It’s more like a down moment engineered by pain. This is mostly common among women that cramp during their flow. No one, not even men have themselves together 365 days in a year and that doesn’t mean they aren’t peaceful people.

@Chi Chi Prisca: So the Bible should have narrated where Esther was having menstrual pain or when she had discomfort that comes from menses. Ndi pastors rest for woman matter, una no get vagina and uterus, zuonike🙄🌝🌝

@Chika Victor: Ha! Very soon Una go say women dey f.ake p.ains during childbirth.

@Elsie Ihunde: The real you is coming out 😂 I remember telling my friend that I don’t trust this man. You know NOTHING about being a woman so kindly let us be Mr political correctness

What is your opinion on this issue, are women only being dramatic in their period or are actually sincere?


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