Saturday 11 May 2024

Help! Our Last Born Wants To Be A Feminist


I recently went home to check on my parents. It happens that our lastborn who is in a boarding school also was around for a week break they were given at school.

On one of the evenings as I was talking to her and her dreams and aspirations this 16 old girl told me she wanted to become a Feminist. I was shocked but remained calm and gently asked her what she meant by being a Feminist.
She told me that by that she aims to become an advocate of women's right. She started narrating how men are domesticating women and whole lots.
I was marvelled at her passion and zeal and how convincing she was .
Deep down I knew that I have a problem to solve and I needs pragmatic steps in order not to cause more harms.

This girl has written her JAMB with nice scores and will soon be in the varsity.

Please, is there anyone with concrete approach on how I will go about this?

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