Saturday 11 May 2024

Nigerian Lady Devastated As Her Boss Deducts ₦53,000 From Her Salary Of ₦59, 000 Leaving Only ₦6,000


A Nigerian woman found herself in tears after her employer shockingly deducted a staggering sum of N53,000 from her monthly salary, leaving her with a mere N6,000.

The distressing story came to light when a man, known as @egi_nupe__ on X (Twitter), took to social media to share the ordeal, expressing his anger at the situation.

According to his account, the deduction was made due to a customer’s reversed payment.

Expressing his outrage, he firmly asserted that the employer had no legal right to make such a substantial and hefty deduction from the employee’s wages.

He further continued to speak in legal terms, expressing how it is generally prohibited for an employer to deduct any amount from an employee’s agreed-upon wages, except for deductions authorized by law, such as taxes, pensions, and other statutory deductions.

To legally deduct an employee’s wage for damages or harm caused to the business, certain conditions must be met.

Furthermore, deductions can only be made when the employer can demonstrate that the employee’s willful misconduct or neglect resulted in injury or loss to the business.

Any deductions beyond these are considered illegal.



This shocking story has left netizens outraged and captivated users online, it has undeniably garnered the attention of the public, sparking debates and heated conversations.

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