Monday 13 May 2024

PSG to save €200m as Mbappe departs with unpaid bonuses


Paris Saint-Germain faces a bitter loss as Kylian Mbappe prepares to leave the club, presumably to Real Madrid.

However, amidst the disappointment, PSG stands to save a staggering €200 million from his departure.

Basically, this will come through unpaid signing bonuses and contract targets.

According to reports, the savings include €80 million in loyalty bonuses for this season, which will not be paid, marking a huge portion of the total amount saved.


PSG to save €200m as Mbappe departs with unpaid bonuses
PSG to gain as Mbappe departs – Getty image

These bonuses far exceed even Mbappe’s own substantial annual wage of €72 million.

Despite this windfall for PSG, the club still owes part of the €130 million signing bonus from Mbappe’s two-year deal signed in 2022, according to Get Football News France.

While Mbappe’s salary at Real Madrid is speculated around €12 million annually, the impact of his signing bonus on his total earnings remains unclear.

Additionally, Mbappe stands to benefit from the “Mbappe law,” which could save him approximately 20% in taxes if he chooses to invest his earnings in Madrid.

With Mbappe’s speculated salary at Madrid, he will potentially become the highest-paid player in the squad,

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