Saturday, 21 March 2020

10 side effects of danger eating instant noodles — Steemit

Instant noodles are not only the nutrients that are lacking, but also can harm the health for those who consume one according to the doctor instant noodles cause of cancer, it is caused by the wax substance as a mixture of instant noodle making that serves to instant noodles are not sticky when cooked . Although the results of the POM Agency research the issue of candles in the instant noodles is not true.
Here are 10 types of eating hazards of instant noodles:
1.Disturbing digestion.
Because Instant Noodle can inhibit nutrients into the body, this also makes the digestion in the body disturbed. Good digestion requires the help of many nutrients and minerals. Therefore, not a few who like to consume Instant Noodle constipation or constipation difficult. It can even cause stomach and intestines to leak.

2.liver damage.Instant noodle contains hazardous substance one
of them Propylene Glycol which obviously destroy and disturb the work of the liver.
3.Miscarriage for pregnant women.For women who are pregnant, avoid eating Instant Noodles. The chemicals in Instant Noodles are also a strong preservative can cause miscarriage.
4.kidney failure.Propylene Glycol content also invites other diseases that damage the work of the kidney as one of the vital organs in our body.
5.Trigger headaches.Instant noodle contains a lot of MSG. MSG is not very good for our body and brain.
6.diabetes.Instant noodle though has a tendency to taste savory also contains a lot of sugar content which can cause Diabetes disease.
7.Disturbing hormones for women.Instant noodles consumed routinely or excessively for women to give its own danger one of them disrupt the hormone because Sodium contained in Instant Noodles.
8.Disturbing sex hormones for men.If for women annoying monthly hormones, for men the negative effects of Instant Noodles also apply. Instant noodles rich in chemicals will disrupt male hormones in sex where they can not control their sex drive.
9.Heart disease.Instant noodles are also included in junk food or foods that are poor in vitamins. Eating Instant Noodles too often can trigger heart disease.
10.Causes cancer.Who does not cringe at this disease. Cancer is easy to approach many people regardless of age. And Instant Noodles become one way of this disease can come to us. With a plurality of chemicals added with other harmful ingredients, one of them is Instant Noodles that in Styrofoam, cancer can be happy to approach.

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