Friday, 6 March 2020

'If I Snatch Your Husband And You Harass Me, I Will Beat You To Coma -Mr Bobrisky Warns

Following the rise of assault by housewives on sidechics, Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has warned wives not to try the things they do with sidechics with him.
According to Bobrisky, if he snatches a man from a woman, and she tries to harass him outside, he will beat the hell out of the woman.
He wrote, “Don’t come to me when you see your husband with me. If you try shit with me. I will beat you to comma. If you’re looking for your missing husband wait for him at home. Be warned!!!”
He continued, ”It doesn’t make any sense fighting your husband’s side chick. Wat if d man didn’t open up yo her that he is married? How am I supposed to know he is truly married. You will now leave that man and come to me, I swear I will beat you hospital will reject you.” 

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