Friday, 15 May 2020

“Bringing a baby into the world without a marriage is wicked” – Reno Omokri blasts baby mamas

Reno Omokri shared his view on people having children outside wedlock, as he stated that bringing a baby into the world without a marriage is wicked.
In a recent social media post, Reno Omokri who is really outspoken on social media, lambasted baby mamas who think being one is a job.
He stated that giving birth to a child without a stable home and income is a wicked thing to do.
See what he wrote below;
“Being a baby mama is not a job. If you want an income, go get a job, instead of getting pregnant. Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income, is a wicked thing to do. A child is not a means to a livelihood”.

Many social media have since reacted to the post, with one @stanleyhyp, wondering why people would even accept to be called baby mamas. @stanleyhyp reacted:
“Well said..I don’t understand why having a child for someone out of wedlock..then later they tag them or they tag themselves baby mama..sounds so low and worthless of them..I don’t understand how someone will call or make themselves baby mama.”

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