Friday, 22 May 2020

Father blasts 'millennial attitude' of youngsters holding illegal lockdown party in Lancashire

Tempers boiled over at beauty spots across Britain today as locals clashed with vast hordes of tourists they say are blighting their parks and beaches since lockdown restrictions were eased ahead of the bank holiday weekend. 

A father who tried to go for a walk in the picturesque Stoney Bank Quarry, Lancashire, was so horrified by piles of rubbish left behind by young revellers who held an illegal party he turned around and went home again. 

James Bunting, 41, from Bolton, blasted the 'couldn't care less millennial attitude' of the 100 or so young people who went to the rave and inhaled 'hippy crack' in 80F temperatures on Wednesday afternoon. 

Meanwhile a police chief in the Peak District warned day-trippers to stay away after the area was blighted by gridlocked traffic and lines of cars clogging the roads on the Staffordshire border with Derbyshire.

And in Torpoint, where Devon and Cornwall police have been stopping campers from staying overnight illegally at their beaches, a local jogger was filmed taking out his frustration on a visiting car by giving it several kicks.  

It came as ministers fear the UK could go 'back to square one' in the fight against coronavirus if Britons do not adhere to lockdown rules as data suggests people have been flouting restrictions for weeks.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock last night pleaded with people to stick to current restrictions which prohibit meeting more than one person from outside your household outdoors.

But there are increasing signs that many have given up on lockdown measures, sparking growing fears of a potential second wave of the deadly disease.

New data published today suggests some people were bending the rules even before Boris Johnson set out his lockdown exit strategy on May 10. 


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