Saturday 13 February 2021

The Best And Most Popular Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe


The best sportsman knows his talent is nothing without the best gear for the game.

This gear is like no other.

From the need for comfort to health benefits, even in performance improvement; condoms are a real need in sexual activities.

If you think they suck, it’s probably time to invest in different types of condoms.

Surely there’s more to it than just being the best birth control measure and protecting against STIs.

We bring you Zimbabwe’s most popular and best condom brands to use – according to the writer and information from a few users who were helpful in the study.

1. Most Popular And Best Overall 

Panther Double Butterfly/Dembare/Puma

free food aid to be distributed with free condoms
Qingdao Panther Double Butterfly Condoms

Locally dubbed Puma/Dembare condoms are great all-rounders despite their awful – sometimes unbearable odour. Their strength gives one a peace of mind to focus more on the performance than on fear of getting burst.

These come with an extra lubricant which is very useful in easy penetration. It’s important to note that these are very reliable here in Zimbabwe where condoms are given exorbitant prices in the market. They are given for free in medical facilities.

Second most popular, durable and reliable condoms in Zimbabwe are Protector Plus Condoms. They come in a variety of flavours and are the cheapest of all condoms in Zimbabwe.

2. Best For A Long Run

Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe
Durex Promax Intense Natural Latex

One thing you don’t want when having penetrative sex is finishing fast before your female partner.

Technically, Durex Promax Intense Natural Latex condoms are the best when it comes to controlling how fast you climax. They prolong your sexual encounter through their climax control or desensitizing lubricant.

It is also important to note that natural latex condoms or thick-skinned condoms like Panther Double Butterfly/Dembare are also effective in reducing sensitivity.

3. Best For Sensitivity

Durex Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe

Many dislike condoms because “there is no skin to skin encounter” that is much needed when it comes to sex.

Luckily, there are some brands out there that have tried to solve this by producing extra thin condoms that almost feel like there is skin to skin touch during the act.

Durex Invisible Ultra Thin Condoms are the best when it comes to creating this skin to skin touch. They are best for sensitivity.

4. Best For Tingling

Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe
Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe – Carex Powershot

When it comes to sex, it’s best for both partners to get as much tingling, warming and sensitivity as possible. This helps in getting full experience for both parties.

Carex Powershot, Dotted and Ribbed condoms are the best.

They, however, get competition from Trojan Fire and Ice condoms that are dual-lubricated and have tingling lubrication.

5. Best For Anal Sex

Fantasy Best Condoms To Use In Zimbabwe
Elecare Fantasy Condoms

There are so many ways people spice up their bedroom deeds – weird as they may be, we don’t judge here.

For best safe sex in the rainbow community and those engaging in anal sex, condoms with so much lubrication are needed.

Luckily there is a “newest man in town” here in Zimbabwe.

Fantasy Condoms packaged by Carex Distributor, Elecare are the best when it comes to much-needed lubrication.

However, when it comes to anal sex, one has to buy separate lubrication to supplement the one available on condoms.

6. Best For Oral Sex

Oral sex has proved to be one effective way of spreading STIs nowadays.

A weird as it sounds to recommend condoms for oral sex, it is very necessary to wear protection either on the mouth or man’s genitals for safe sex.

Many condoms brands locally available out there do not specify on their products if lube on them can be orally taken or not.

Besides, condoms taste as terrible as they smell.

But flavoured ones are much better and can be best for oral sex.

Locally, we can recommend Fantasy Condoms – which are fruit flavoured.

Skyn’s Cocktail Club Flavored Condoms were made for this, but they are not readily available in the country. They have cocktail-inspired flavours, including pina colada, passion daiquiri, and cherry sunrise.

7. Best Flavoured

Durex Tropical Fruit-Flavored Condom
Durex Tropical Fruit-Flavored Condom

Durex Tropical Fruit-Flavored Condoms which come in various flavours have the best-smelling flavour you can find out there.

Fantasy condoms are the best from local brands.

All being said, condom choice should be made to suit your sexual needs many of which we left out. It is best to always go with what makes you comfortable and readily available here in Zimbabwe.

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