Wednesday 1 November 2023

BREAKING: Leave My Govt If You Can’t Perform, Tinubu Tells Ministers, Others

 President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said government officials and appointees who cannot perform are free to leave while declaring that he must succeed by all means to deliver on the expectations of Nigerians who brought him into office.

He stated this on Wednesday at the opening of a three-day retreat with the theme, “Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda,” organised for ministers, presidential aides, permanent secretaries, and top government officials at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

President Tinubu, who stated that at the end of the retreat, a bond of understanding would be signed between the participants and himself, said: “If you’re are performing, nothing to fear. If you’re not performing, we review and if you cannot perform, you leave us.”


The president, who assured them of a free hand to carry out their responsibilities, advised them to ask questions about how and when to do their jobs.

He therefore charged his ministers and other government officials to help him to succeed.

He restated that as a human being, he would make mistakes, but added that when such errors were pointed out to him, he would immediately correct them. “You are here to help me succeed.”

President Tinubu, who declared that he is president for all Nigerians irrespective of whether they are affiliated to political parties or not, said the country is one big family with people partitioned into different rooms.

“I’m here to give direction to this family making sure the relationship is stronger by giving hope to our people,” he said.

Addressing the participants, he warned that the civil servants should not see the ministers as those who will come and go and “you will be there.”

He also advised that the ministers should not be seen as opportunistic individuals but people to partner with to contribute positively to the growth of the nation.

Tinubu said that he has accepted the assets and liabilities of his predecessors, telling the participants that as chaos exists around them, they must be focused like one driving in a tunnel to deliver the goods.

The president, while noting that his administration had spent the last six months “reviewing ourselves”, stressed the importance of good healthcare and quality education, which he said is the best weapon against poverty.

The president assured foreign investors that they will be able to bring in their capital, invest and repatriate their gains without problems.

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