Saturday 4 November 2023

“The biggest risk a lady can take is to marry a poor man” – Nigerian lady


A Nigerian lady has opined that marrying a poor guy is the worst mistake a woman can make in life.

The yet-to-be identified lady took to social media to make the assertion and attempted to provide evidence to support it.

She said that a woman shouldn’t consider marrying a man if he cannot afford to supply her with anything that her father can readily provide.

She went on to say that although she has chosen for herself not to wind up with a broke or impoverished man, she is not stopping anyone from marrying anyone they choose.

The lady added that people who are often impoverished and frugal tend to have poor cognitive abilities.

Reacting to her claims, drolatunde wrote: “Your papa get money before ur mom married him? Don’t worry u will learnt on the hard way. Where is even the husband out there?? By the time u are 40yrs,body will tell u..”

mcee_slimjoe said: “Said by a girl papa ya na mama ya bi na one room”

djbaddo wrote: “Who go come marry the poor dey play”

kennedyexcel said: “Otele but your mama marry your papa she still born 11 children join for inside one room ey…”

futballpunter wrote: “She doesn’t want to make the mistake her mother made. It’s understandable”

Watch the video below:

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