Monday 13 May 2024

Bad leaders making life of Nigerians miserable – Pastor Giwa


The senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, on Sunday, lamented that the economic situation in Nigeria has gone from bad to worse under President Bola Tinubu.

The clergyman noted that bad leaders were intentionally making life miserable for Nigerians.

Speaking with DAILY POST, Giwa said Buhari’s utterances that Nigerians will appreciate his administration when he’s gone is being fulfilled under Tinubu’s government.

According to Giwa: “Nigerians found themselves in the hands of bad leaders having passed through the worst experience under former President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The success of a nation is determined by the kind of leaders you have. When the biblical Jeroboam became leader of Israel he led people to sin and we all know what happened. 

“What Nigerians are presently going through makes me remember what Buhari said that ‘Nigerians will appreciate his government after his tenure’.

“If Buhari, the worst leader in history, could say Nigerians would appreciate his government then what should we say is currently happening in Nigeria under Tinubu?

“I wonder why in Nigeria, a leader will take over power and situations will get worse. Is it not better if we don’t have a nation called Nigeria or have a nation where the citizens continue to wallow in abject poverty and penury?

“For now, Tinubu’s government has fared worse than Buhari’s government because under Buhari there was nothing like subsidy removal.

“We all know how much a litre of petrol was during Buhari’s administration. We can now see how much it is under Tinubu, so I can’t say Tinubu’s government is better than Buhari’s government.

“In all fairness and coupled with the present events, the present political leaders are intentionally making the lives of Nigerians miserable.”

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