Monday 13 May 2024

Fans Are Upset That Korra Obidi Is Going On Vacation After Crowd Funding $50K To Fight Ex


Nigerian-American singer and dancer Korra Obidi has come under fire after announcing her immediate travel plans to Hawaii, following a successful GoFundMe campaign that raised over $50,000. Obidi initiated the crowdfunding effort last Friday with the stated goal of securing $100,000 to hire a competent lawyer to challenge her ex-husband Justin Dean's custody rights over their children.

The GoFundMe campaign swiftly amassed contributions from more than 950 donors globally, hitting over half of its target by the weekend. However, the controversy erupted after Obidi disclosed in a Facebook live session on Sunday that she intended to take a vacation in Hawaii.

This revelation has sparked significant backlash across social media platforms, with many of her fans and donors expressing dismay. Critics accuse Obidi of misleading supporters, suggesting that the primary motive behind the fundraising was not the legal battle with her ex-husband, but rather to fund her lavish lifestyle.

The situation has ignited a broader conversation about the ethical use of crowdfunding platforms and the responsibilities of public figures in managing the trust of their followers. As the story unfolds, the scrutiny on Obidi’s actions continues to intensify, with many awaiting her response to the allegations.

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