Thursday 15 December 2016

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris kiss and gaze into each other's eyes at LA premiere of Passengers

Chris Pratt may be the leading man of Morten Tyldum's soon-to-be-released science fiction film Passengers.

Yet when the film celebrated its Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday, his wife Anna Faris was the showstopper on the black carpet.

She'd pulled on a cleavage-baring sheer dress, and grabbed a romantic moment with her man, kissing him on the lips and gazing into his eyes.

The 40-year-old had pulled aside her fringe and wrapped her platinum blonde hair into a low ponytail for the evening's event.

Her lacy purple and grey dress was, in some areas, translucent and, in others, splattered with an intricate floral pattern.

Its hem stopped far enough above her ankle to provide a full view of the nude stilettos she'd selected.

Beside her, the dashing Jurassic World star had opted for a midnight blue three-piece suit and a checked grey tie.

The 37-year-old, who's been married to his wife for seven years, stars opposite Jennifer Lawrence in the film.

Their characters are meant to remain unconscious on their travelling spaceship for over a century, but are jolted awake 90 years too soon.

Arthur, a robot barman played by Michael Sheen, is also on the flight, and - such is his luck - winds up a third wheel when the two humans begin to fall for one another.

As their romance burgeons, they discover the ship - and therefore thousands of passengers who'd stayed asleep - is malfunctioning and they've got to save it.

At Wednesday night's event, the Guardians Of The Galaxy star got in a bit of posing with the Silver Linings Playbook Oscar-winner and the besuited Frost/Nixon actor.

- MailOnline 

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