Thursday 15 December 2016

Former Delta Beauty Queen Reportedly Send Thugs to Beat Up Husband's Friend (PHOTOS)

The victim,  Ejomafuvwe narrated the ordeal on Facebook. Read Below:
"Good day my fellow DPA members.... Here is a cry for justice and i need all your supports and assistance in any way you guys can. 
My Name is Okorodudu Anthony Ejomafuvwe, I hail from ughelli north local government, Delta state.... 
Here is the complaint i have to report to the DPA.... 
I visited a friend in Ghana called TONY IGBIWU and i've stayed with him now for a month and 3 weeks, i went there for 3months vacation. My eldest brother stays here too but i decide to stay with him. When i entered ghana, i located the nearest police station and made them aware of my presence in the country, i showed them my Identity Card as a uniform man that i am in my country Nigeria. And for the past 2weeks now, his wife has been acting funny and been asked me to always give her space which i did. 
I was driving the wife along Spintex road in ghana and she told me that she will black-mail me in the country and i laughed about it, and told her it won't happen and she replied saying "WE SHALL SEE" 
The husband has two houses in ghana, 1 is at Spintex road and the other at Teshe Rasta Police Post. He has upto 8 boys under him. His Uncle is the Chief Judge in Asaba, Delta state. 

One of the boys in his other house at Spintex called Julius also had issues with the wife too, and i keep telling boy that boy to go and apologize to the wife because she and her husband are good people and he shouldn't do anything to offend them. 

And the boy yield to my advice, and tried making peace with the wife but she kept laying courses on the boy. When the same boy told me, i asked him to calm down and wait till the husband return from Nigeria so that all issues will be sorted out.
The husband returned but no issue was discussed. Just yesterday, the husband traveled to Nigeria and the wife went to her shop. Few hours later, the wife drove in and some other boys and they brought out that same Julius from the car, they've beaten him up and naked him, i came down stairs and asked what happened that warrant such beating on that boy, and before i could complete my statement they faced me and they started beating me up with all sort of things. Some of the things they used was Bottle, Shovel, Ply wood, Cable Wires, Broken Tiles. I begged for my life and God helped me out. All conversation i had with that boy is on whatsapp and my phone is with the wife even as we speak. I was able to remove some pieces of bottles from my head while i was bathing. The wife took a video coverage of all what happened yesterday and it has been more than 24hours now, but the Ghanian police hasn't done anything yet about the case reported to them. 
The name of the wife is Elo, she was the winner of Miss Delta, 2010. I've reported to the police but they know him too well, he do give them some tips and because of that, nothing has been done about the issue. 

His wife's mother stayed at the ending of Oba group in Udu road, ovwian delta state.
He always lodged at Best Western Hotel at Udu road, Mofor. 
Sir Justice must be made. The other boy that was also beaten has been locked in one of the rooms inside the house. I was able to get hold of my computer and send my Eldest Brother a message on facebook and he sent people to come rescue me out of the house.
Sir Justice must be made. I did not steal from him, nor do i have anything to do with his wife but he treated me this way. I have rescued him from lots of police case in Nigeria, and when i visited him, he decided to treat me this way. Sir justice must be made. I strongly need the intervention of the DPA. 
Mr Tony Igbiwu always say that when a man has money, he is never scared of problems and now he brought those same words to me. I won't let him go with this sir. If the Law cannot do anything, then nature will take its course. 
But first i need the intervention of the DPA.... Thank you and God bless you sir.
Some of the names of the boys that did this are; Timothy (His username on facebook is DB Paris Teenine), Silver, Rawlins, Samuel and Tabansii (His username on facebook is Chif Mena Tabansii) 

I will attach the man's photo and some of the boys that did this, i could not get the pictures of some of them."

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