Saturday, 6 April 2019

Chesney and Gemma have s3x on his sofa in shock racy scene

Coronation Street viewers didn't take too well to Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter's sex scene on Friday's episode. 

The famously on/off pair looked in high spirits as they enjoyed the intimate act on his sofa after making up following their fiery argument about a washing machine. 

And while things all seemed well once again for the pair, fans of the show admitted they were 'traumatised' by the shock steamy scene. 

Chesney had a blazing row with Gemma at the beginning of the episode after she purchased a smoke machine and flashing lights instead of a much-needed washing machine. 

Gemma was branded a 'toddler' by Chesney who went on to tell his pal Tyrone he didn't think they had a future together. 

It was only when Ruby and Joseph started enjoying Gemma's new purchases that Chesney decided to apologise and the pair began kissing passionately on the streets. 

They then made their way home where further racy scenes developed, leaving viewers mortified. 

'Yuck, Chesney and Gemma had sex on the same couch that Joseph sits on to watch cartoons. #corrie.'

'Seeing Chesney shirtless has absolutely TRAUMATISED me #corrie.'

'How tf have Chesney and Gemma had sex on a leather sofa ??? That s*** sticking in places I can’t imagine #corrie.'

'Forget brexit for a minute!! Did anyone notice Chesney has 3 nipples on #Corrie #CoronationStreet.'


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