Monday 13 May 2019

Au pair, 21, who was stabbed to death by London Bridge terrorists had 'no chance'

The youngest victim of the terrorist attack at London Bridge had 'no chance' to escape before she was stabbed to death by Jihadists, an inquest heard today. 

Australian au pair Sara Zelenak, 21, had met up for drinks with her friend Priscila Goncalves near London Bridge before terrorists killed her and seven others on June 3 2017. 

After sheltering from the rain at a bar called London Grind at 2 London Bridge they heard the loud crash of the terrorists' hire van smashing into the railings and began running down stone steps towards Borough Market.

But Ms Zelenak was wearing high heels and appeared to lose her balance, falling over on the wet pavement. 

She was aided by James McMullan, 32, but the inquest at the Old Bailey were told the pair had 'no chance' as the attackers were already running towards them.     

By-stander Erick Siguenza filmed terrified people screaming and running away as the pair were stabbed with 12-inch knives.

Ms Zelenak's parents Julie, 52, and Mark Wallace, 51, were seated in court as Ms Goncalves said: 'I think she was just next to me. We were going down the stairs and then we heard something, and we went up to see what was happening and people started to say run and that is what we did.

'It was like a loud crash. It sounded like something big, that is why we went back to take a look. At the time it seemed to be coming from my right.

'I think, I thought I had seen the van but now I don't think I had, actually I was just confused. I had no idea what was going on.

'We were together. I started running, I thought she was with me but when I looked, she was not. Everybody was running.'

Footage was played in court showing Ms Goncalves and Ms Zelenak sheltering from the heavy rain before entering London Grind where they stayed for about 45 minutes before moving down towards Borough Market.

Ms Goncalves added: 'We just wanted to continue our night and have fun'.


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