Monday, 10 June 2019

Jeremy Hunt becomes the Stop Boris candidate

Jeremy Hunt set the stage for a titanic battle with Boris Johnson for the keys to Downing Street today - as Cabinet heavyweights lined up behind him.

The Foreign Secretary is looking like the 'Stop Boris' candidate after winning endorsements from both Amber Rudd and Penny Mordaunt.

The backing - at a slick campaign launch in Westminster - comes as the contest stepped up a gear, with Tory rivals from all factions taking aim at front runner Mr Johnson. 

Ms Rudd jibed that being 'sunny and optimistic' could not make up for having no 'plan' for leaving the EU, while Ms Mordaunt said she wanted someone in charge with 'experience'. 

Dominic Raab also took a thinly-veiled swipe, warning that 'bluff and bluster' could not deliver Brexit. 

Meanwhile, the former foreign secretary's call for £10billion of tax cuts for higher earners was dismissed as 'unrealistic' and unfair to ordinary workers.  

Nominations in the contest officially open this morning, with each candidate needing pledges of support from at least eight colleagues. 

But some of the 11 candidates seem to be struggling to reach the threshold as the 'big beasts' turn up the heat.

In an extraordinary piece of blue-on-blue warfare, Michael Gove is also facing demands to quit the race after admitting having taken cocaine in the past. 


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