Friday, 19 July 2019

19-year-old Girl, Jennelle Eliana Who Lives In A Van Wows Internet Users (Photos)

Jennelle Eliana might not have a proper home, but she has made living in a van with her pet snake look very glamorous as she chronicles it on her Youtube channel.
Many would wonder how she copes with the basic luxuries living in a house affords, such as having a bathroom and a toilet.
In one of her videos, Jennelle explained that she sometimes looks for a socially acceptable open place where she can bathe but she prefers to bathe at a gym bathroom.
She added that she has been doing that everyday for close to two years.
Basically, living in a van like Jannelle is more like being on a road trip every day of her life because she can easily move locations and her ‘house’ is not a permanent site.
See more of Jenelle’s photos below: 

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