Thursday, 20 August 2020

Female Street Beggar Caught in a Web of Lies With 'Hired' Quadruplets Babies in Port Harcourt

A woman begging with a set of quadruplet has been accused of being a scammer after she failed to provide the birth certificate of the children, when asked by concerned Nigerians to provide evidence stating she was their real mother.

The woman and the children went viral on social media after their photo gained lots of media attention. Many social media users were willing to raise funds for the kids, when the woman was questioned, she said she was the mother of the quadruplets.

However, when asked to provide the children’s birth certificate as proof so people can help her, the woman who was in Benue state said she needed to go to Onitsha in Anambra State to get their birth certificate.

 Meanwhile, it’s been alleged that she has also been seen begging with the same children in Port Harcourt and that the woman’s phone has been switched off.

A Twitter User has warned Nigerians to be careful of scammers, as it was alleged that there are a group of scammers who rent people’s children to beg for alms with them, after which they give a certain percentage to the biological parents of the kids.

Read the thread shared to warn Nigerians below.

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