Thursday, 15 October 2020

“My Manager Has A Swelling In His Brain & Can’t Control His Fingers” – Oxlade Cries Out


Nigerian singer, Oxlade has revealed the current medical condition of his manager, Ojah B who was beaten and tortured by the Nigerian police during the Surulere #EndSARS protest a few days ago. 

Oxlade was injured at the Surulere #EndSARS Protest in Lagos a few days ago and his manager,  Ojah B was tortured and beaten up by the Nigerian police but later released after the intervention of numerous celebrities. However, after a medical check-up, it was revealed that his manager has a swelling in his brain and can’t control his fingers.

A devastated Oxlade took to Twitter to make the revelation. He wrote: “my brother has a swelling in his brain and he can’t control his fingers, thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you Nigerian government for failing the youth. I am lost for words right now, but please keep my brother In your prayers

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