Saturday, 20 March 2021

Shocker As Man Bashes Own Mother Over Witchcraft Allegations

 A Mutare man landed himself in trouble with the law after he allegedly assaulted his own mother accusing her of witchcraft.

It is in the States case that on the 25th of February 2021, the complainant, heard her son Mwedzi shouting at home while she was in the field.

Kanderera went to inquire what was happening and upon arrival, she saw Mwedzi seated at the doorstep.

He started shouting at her saying that she was a witch. Mwedzi accused his own mother of bewitching him and his family to which Kanderera vehemently denied the witchcraft allegations that were being leveled against her by her son.

Infuriated by his mother’s denial, Mwedzi allegedly started to assaulting his own mother. Her pleas for Mwedzi to stop further assaulting her fell on deaf ears as Mwedzi mercilessly assaulted her until she fell down. 

Mwedzi allegedly went into the house and armed himself with a hammer and a hoe. 

Realizing that her son was now armed, Kanderera escaped just in time before Mwedzi could attack her with the hammer and hoe. She went on to inform one of their employees, Tendai Mapedza.

Kanderera went back to her house together with Mapedza and upon seeing them, Mwedzi allegedly grabbed a slasher intending to further assault his mother.

Luckily Kanderera was rescued by Mapedza, who unfortunately was assaulted in the process.

A police report was made at Zimunya Police Post, thereby leading to Mwedzi’s arrest, Manica Post reports.

Mwedzi is set to perform 175 hours of unpaid work after he was convicted of assaulting his mother.

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