Sunday 9 May 2021

Popular Socialite, Kayode Badru dies after pastor sprayed perfume on him


Lagos popular social Kayode Badru is died after his pastor allegedly set him on fire with a perfume while he was holding a lit candle during prayer.

According to reports, the socialite who was based in Dubai, flew back in to the country to celebrate the graduation of the 40 students who benefited from his scholarship scheme.

During a church program at the Celestial Church he attended, he was asked to kneel down for prayers with many lit candle surrounding him while he was also holding one.

The pastor then poured perfume all over his body which led to his body catching fire in the process as a result of the perfume. The prophet identified as Felix Alebiosu and the other elders who participated in the prayer ran away but were later caught after the case was reported to Panti police station.

Unfortunately Badru did not make it after he was reached to the hospital in Lagos. Meanwhile the prophet and two other elders of the church are currently in Panti police station. 

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