Sunday, 28 August 2022

I Can't Believe There are Still Men Who Don't Watch Football.

Happy Sunday..

I can't believe there are still men who don't watch football or know nothing about sports.

I was watching who wants to be a millionaire and this particular question was thrown to this guy.. I couldn't believe the guy didn't know the answer. Baba was totally confused and speechless. He even requested in using one of his lifeline options by calling a friend. Omo! I just dey laugh. And the answer is B. I have to capture the moment.

I can't do without watching sports especially football, boxing and wrestling. There's no question you will throw at me about football or other sport games that I won't give you an accurate answer. I know all football leagues competition round the world even Nigeria premier league I do follow up too.


Football is fun especially when you're arguing, teasing, defending, laughing, throwing banters at each other's club while drinking your cold beer.

Even here on nairaland when there's a live match update, I do visit the thread because I always enjoy the banter fans throw at each other.. It really fun.

Those of you that don't watch football or know nothing about sports.. Please how do you spend your weekends? How do you live your life? Is life not boring for you guys? Please I need to know.


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