Saturday 29 April 2023

“How I was scammed of all my life savings” – Makeup artist, Ciata Jolie narrates how a man scammed her of her life savings


A Nigerian model and beauty consultant, Ciata Jolie, has cried out after being duped by a man she trusted enough to do business with.

In a video posted to her Instagram page, the businesswoman admitted that she had been conned out of all of her life savings in less than a month.

She said that she had been saving for a very long period over a number of years and that this year has been difficult for her as a result of losing the money.


Ciata stated that her ambition was to acquire a piece of land, and in December 2022, she will return to her hometown with the money she had accumulated.

She claimed to have come upon a plot of property in her state and spoken to the owner, who stated he had inherited it from his father.

The makeup artist claims that the man assured her that he was trustworthy and has completed customary procedures to guarantee he leads a moral life.

He was quite persuasive, so Ciata handed him the first payment of N4 million, and he then signed the required paperwork.

Unfortunately for her,  before she started to work on the land, she paid N400,000 out of which N350,000 was the development fee.

The young woman claimed she received a call from someone claiming ownership of the same land as she was about to depart the village.

She was knocked off balance, and to make matters worse, the other man who claimed ownership painted a figure like a skull on the fence to deter onlookers.

According to Ciata, she paid N4 million for a plot of property that had already been sold, and she later learned that the scammer she had paid was well known for doing such land sales.

The woman shared her problems and gave advice to others not to fall prey to religious or other false notions.

“How I was scammed of ALL my life savings. My heart is shattered!!! PLS SHARE,” she captioned the post.

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