Monday 29 January 2024

“If you no fit open book show person, no meet me outside world because I will f** you up”- Student rages at his coursemates who wouldn’t assist him during exams


A Nigerian student who was displeased by his coursemate’s action during an exam, as fumed at them via a voice message he sent to the general class group.

He was provoked by their actions and forced to address them after he received his result for the supposed exam and discovered that he failed.

Irritated by their lack of cooperation, he mentioned to them via the voice note that they were wicked people.

According to him, they have been together in the same class for four years and it would only be appropriate if they assist one another during exams.

He said;

“If you no fit open book show person no meet me outside world because I will fuck you up you can’t be this wicked with your coursemate and expect him to help you in the outside world. Let me tell you something anybody that doesn’t help you in school that person doesn’t wish well for you, you cannot be with somebody for four years and the person won’t help you. How will you be with somebody for four good years, they can’t even open their paper for you to copy them “

Below are some of the reactions

@benita:  Who said u shouldn’t read your book

@2 0 0 5:  “Don’t expect me to abe you in the hausaide war” 😭

@Ajikehh:  He sounds like Aboki and an Akwa Ibom man at the same time 😭

@Sure-Tory:  My akwa ibom bro dn vex oo 😂 pls open paper for him to copy from ooo

@Aidy_Joe🦋:  The fact that I knew this guy is from Calabar without seeing the location 

@A-Manda:  My pride can never allow me copy from anyone, and I don’t like disturbance, so I read very well 😂😂

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