Monday 29 January 2024

TG Omori slams Troll who criticized “Twe Twe” Music Video


Nigerian music video director, ThankGod Omori Jesam, better known as TG Omori has addressed a troll who made a negative comment on Kizz Daniel and Davido‘s “Twe Twe” music video.

A troll on the X platform wondered what related the music lyrics with pursuing a chicken in the music video.

He further advised TG Omori to take a break from work because his brain is overheating.

The troll wrote:

“Shaky your body, Twe twe twe” Person dey pursue chicken..TG Omori should take a break small..Brain dey over heat..”

In reply, TG Omori, who directed the “Twe Twe” remix video, asked the troll if his suggestion was for them to shake their body throughout the video.

Referring to the troll as daft, TG Omori said if he pursued chicken at some point in his life, he probably would have found his sense on the ground.

He replied:


“Make dem shaky your body from 00:01 to 2Min. No plot, no joy, no scenes. Just body on screen? see how daft your life turned out. If you probably pursued chicken at some point in your life you for don find your sense for ground.”


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