Monday 26 February 2024

“you must see his p*n!s and make sure it’s working”- Clergywoman Says Sparking Debate Online As She Advises Women To Inspect Their Partner’s Sexual Organ Before Marriage (WATCH)


A  clergywoman, Rev. Dr. Nana Yaa Prempeh, has stirred up a heated discussion online with her recent statement advising women to inspect a man’s sexual organ before entering into marriage.

During a television interview, Rev. Dr. Prempeh emphasized the importance of women being aware of their potential partner’s sexual functionality before committing to marriage.


Expressing her viewpoint, she stated:

“I am one of the women of God who thinks that before you marry a man,

you must see his penis.

You must see it, you must hold it, you must feel it, and make sure it’s working.”

The host of the interview appeared visibly shocked by the statement, prompting Rev. Dr. Prempeh to question their discomfort, saying:

“Ah, why are you being uncomfortable like that?”

Rev. Dr. Prempeh’s controversial remark has sparked a wide-ranging debate on social medi, and as garnered the attention of netizens and viewers.

While some individuals argue that it is essential for couples to have open and honest conversations about their sexual compatibility, others have criticized the suggestion as inappropriate for premarital relationships.

As the debate continues and the video circulates online,  individuals are expressing their opinions on the topic, speaking on the importance of communication and mutual understanding in any relationship.

Watch the video below:

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